Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Engage NY, Grade 6, Module 1, Unit 1, Lessons 10–11: A Place Where Nothing Changes

And here we are, two more lessons in, still obsessing about the same list of the hero's journey. This time we are now comparing the journey directly to the text of the book as opposed to quotes from the book on a handout. (Note: I'm going to have to go faster now. Time is a wasting.)

Chapter 11 has a strange addition to the vocabulary list: caduceus. Okay, that's the staff of Hermes, also a symbol of the medical profession. It's not the worst word in the world except that the students have not been taught who Hermes is. Okay, I know that he's mentioned in The Lightning Thief, but there should be a lot more. There are some great myths about Hermes, like his one, when he was born.

I keep hoping that there will be some deep content here, and this unit never ceases to disappoint me.

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